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Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG)

Don’t pour any kind of fat (cooking oil, grease or lard) or put food scraps into your sink drain or down the toilet. Scrape the food scraps into the trash and collect FOG in a container (tin can, frozen juice container, glass jar, or a thick plastic bag) for pickup by Recology. Call Recology (530-885-3735) to schedule one FREE pickup each month.


FREE Pick-up of FOG and Universal/Electronic Waste

Residents in the Auburn city limits may request one free pick-up of FOG and/or Universal/Electronic Waste each month. Call Recology at 530-885-3735 to arrange for curbside collection.

FOG Disposal Guidelines

  • Wipe up the grease sticking to cooking pans with paper towels BEFORE washing them and put those in your collection container, too. If you have grease floating on the top of soups, gravies, or other dishes, wick the grease from the surface with paper towels. Or, soak up fats with paper towels when sautéing. Just be careful to keep the towels away from the heat source and let them cool before putting into your FOG storage container.

    Residents in the Auburn city limits may request one free pick-up of FOG (as well as Universal/Electronic Waste) each month. Write "Food Grease" on the FOG container and set it on your curb on the appointed day. Call Recology at 530-885-3735 to schedule an appointment.

  • More than seven quarts: Large quantities must be taken to Western Placer Waste Management Authority for FREE disposal. Place cooled FOG in a plastic container with a tight fitting lid.

Ideas for collection containers: • Pickle jar • Peanut butter jar • Coffee can • Ziploc bag (make sure FOG has cooled! • Tin can (inside a Ziploc) • Foil-lined food bag • Reusable snaptop storage container like the lunchmeat containers from Hillshire Farms