Lice Shampoo

More Information (Center for Disease Control - Lice information) (National Pesticide Information Center - fact sheets and reference documents) (Lice Aren’t Nice information for kids) ( – More info about Lindane) (EPA: Sure your home is clean… but is it safe for your family?)

Lice Shampoos contain chemicals designed to kill and repel lice and scabies. Today’s over-the-counter treatments that are most commonly used contain Permethrin or Pyrethrins Plus Piperonyl Butoxide. These chemicals are found in commonly used products like RID®, Nix® and other grocery store brands. These products are generally considered as safe when used as directed.

Lindane was frequently used to treat lice until it was banned by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency but allowed for use in pharmaceutical products by the FDA. California banned the use of Lindane in pharmaceutical products in 2002. If you have old lice shampoos, kennel sprays or pesticides check the active ingredients for Lindane. If your product contains Lindane, please treat it as hazardous waste and take it to Western Placer Waste Management Authority.