Middle & High School


Interactive WWTP Map (shows how Auburn's treatment plant works)

sacsplash.org (resources, lesson plans and events for Sacramento area students)

epa.gov/students/teachers.html (EPA teacher resources and lesson plans)

pbs.org/teachers/ecoinvestigators/ (PBS Ecoinvestigators curriculum for grades 3-5)

wef.org (Water Education Foundation educational materials)


Investigating Streams & Water Quality (from Sacramento Splash) A stream ecology curriculum for grades 6-12 exploring the connections between aquatic life, water quality and our watersheds.

Video: The Living Watershed (from Sacramento Splash): Collection of videos to complement Investigating Streams & Water Quality Curriculum.

Sewer Science: A hands-on educational program from Central Contra Costa Sanitary District teaching students the basic concepts of how wastewater is treated prior to being returned to the environment (grades 9-12). The teacher resource manual with lesson materials here.

Buy, Use, Toss: A Closer Look at the Things We Buy: Two-week curriculum for high school teachers and students from Facing the Future and the Story of Stuff Curriculum includes ten, fully planned lessons aligned with national science and social studies standards.