Links (Information for homeowners and professionals) (Paint calculator) (Lead Paint Safety field guide from the EPA, HUD and CDC)

Don’t buy more paint than you need, store it safely and dispose of properly. Recycle leftover paint at participating paint stores. In Auburn, drop of unwanted paint at Kelly Moore at 431 Grass Valley Highway and Sherwin-Williams at 471 Grass Valley Highway. Paint may also be taken to WPWMA for proper disposal. Visit for more information

  • Buy only what you need. Your local paint retailer can help determine how much you need or visit here for an online tool. Measure your room, make note of doors and windows.
  • If there is only a small quantity of paint left, use it up or store it for touchups. Purchase a new paint container to ensure a tight seal.
  • Drying leftover latex paint and then putting in the trash is not allowed California. Take your paint to WPWMA or to a site listed at drop-off sites.