Primary & Elementary School


Interactive WWTP Map (shows how Auburn's treatment plant works) (resources, lesson plans and events for Sacramento area students) (EPA teacher resources and lesson plans) (PBS Ecoinvestigators curriculum for grades 3-5) (.Water Education Foundation educational materials) (Project WET, training and resources about water education) (Videos, lessons and resources encouraging youth to reduce and reuse.)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Environmental Awareness and Conversation Lesson Plans) (Water Conservation)

Water Conservation 101 (Water Conservation Throughout the Home)


Video: Nonpoint source pollution education

Public Works Week May 19-25, 2013

Investigating Vernal Pools (from Sacramento Splash): A 13-lesson, standards-based elementary science curriculum designed to integrate with the hands-on field trip to the vernal pools at Mather Field.

Video: Investigating Vernal Pools (from Sacramento Splash): A 10-minute video with Professor X. Plorer introduces viewers to the wonders of Vernal pools. Recommended to show before beginning the Splash Elementary curriculum. for children 8 to 12, shows how water affects them—and how they can affect water. The web experience also brings important water lessons to life in a way that makes learning fun and encourages today's children to be tomorrow's responsible stewards of water resources.

Loop Scoops: Annie Leonard worked with WGBH-Boston and PBS Kids to develop Loop Scoops, a series of fun 2-minute videos that help get kids thinking about the Stuff in their lives. Things like: What is this made of? Where did it come from? Who made it? And what happens when I throw it away?