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The City of Auburn maintains hundreds of storm drains. Storm drains are a water collection system, NOT a waste collection system. Storm drains flow directly to creeks and rivers. What goes into a storm drain has a direct impact on the environment.

Run off from rain washes pollutants, grime and dirt from roads which then flow down gutters and into the storm drains. This runoff can be hazardous to our environment especially when it contains motor oil, antifreeze, engine degreaser, pesticides and other hazardous waste.

Of Special Concern
Citizens need to treat storm drains and gutters like natural waterways and keep hazardous waste out. Keep excess products from flowing into the storm drains with some of these simple procedures:

  1. Clean up motor oil, antifreeze, and gasoline spills by absorbing with kitty litter. Place the kitty litter in a bag and take to Western Placer Waste Management Authority’s Household Hazardous Waste Facility.
  2. Wash cars at designated wash facilities or use biodegradable soap with minimal water.
  3. Do NOT apply fertilizer, pesticides or weed killers if rain is forecast. Use only as much as is needed. Consider healthy, natural control measures sources. See Sacramento County’s WATERWISE program for alternatives.
  4. Collect pet waste in plastic bags or simply shovel into your trash can.
  5. Carefully discard of all hazardous waste such as pesticides, chemicals and motor oil.
  6. Avoid using paint thinners and solvents, however when they must be used, follow directions for preparing the area with absorbent drop cloths. Apply only the amount needed. Follow cleaning and disposal directions carefully.

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